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Find a home for all of your recyclable material! From paper to plastic, books to cardboard, we can recycle it all!

Company History

southern waste box & paper recycle about us 2Southern Waste Paper Company, a nation wide recycling brokerage firm, has been recycling scrap material for over 30 years! We specialize in creating custom, turn-key recycling programs for our clients. Although our company headquarters are based in St. Louis, Missouri, we operate throughout the United States.  We provide exceptional customer service, dependability, and reliability to our clients. By establishing long-term business relationships with each of our customers, we assure they will always have a professional recycling advisor for any material that they may generate. No matter the size of your business, from start up to Fortune 500, office to industrial, we can create a recycling solution for you! Contact Us Now




How It Works

Analyze Your Waste Stream

The process begins with an on site analysis of your current waste stream. We will come to you to review all your scrap material to assure your are getting accurate information regarding your material. We review your waste stream for volume and content to determine what will work best for your facility. We calculate the approximate tonnage per week or per month that your company generates.  Some of the questions that will be answered by this analysis are:

Do you have dock high accessibility? Can you store up to 40 bales of cardboard at one time to hold for a full truckload? How often does your company generate a full truckload? Do you currently have all the needed equipment for your recyclable waste stream?

Once we determine the “blueprints” for your recycling plan we move onto the next step.
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Test the Material

We test the samples of any and all recyclable materials for any contaminants that would prevent them from being recycled. We will calculate a price for each grade of waste based on current national markets. By converting your recyclable waste materials  into a raw material to be used in making new products, you will be helping our environment and at the same time you will be gaining a revenue stream for your business. In addition, you will greatly reduce your trash removal costs.

Implement Your Recycling Plan

We will provide suggestions on the best methods of collection for your recyclable material. Whether that would be collecting it loose or baling it, we will provide solutions that will minimize any impact to your current processes and maximize the revenue potential for your scrap.


By creating a turn-key recycling operation, we will handle all the details of collecting your recyclable material. Once you notify us the material is ready to be picked up, we take it from there! We organize the pick up and delivery of your material directly into the mill where it will be recycled. The truck will be at your facility within 24 to 48 hours after we are notified the load is ready.


Your recyclable materials will be taken directly to the mill and processed into new products. The list of products that can be made using your recyclable materials is staggering!   Contact Us Now


We at Southern Waste pride ourselves on how flexible we can be in order to create a program that will seamlessly fit into any organization’s operation. We handle all the details to ensure your company has efficient and timely removal of your scrap recyclables while assuring you a competitive value for your materials.


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How do I have to package my scrap to have it removed?

That is the beauty of working with Southern Waste. We can take your material in a variety of ways. If you would rather have us move your recyclables loose, we can do that. If you bale your material, we can move it as is. Do you only have a couple of tons at  a time? We can pick it up locally. Do you have sensitive data that needs to be securely destroyed? We do that too! We can even provide your facility with a Gaylord replacement program at no charge so that you will be able to eliminate the need to add that expense to your recycling program! While the most profitable way for you to package your scrap material is separating it into each grade and then baling it, we understand that not everyone has the time or inclination to put that much labor into their recyclable waste program. Let us take all the complications out of it and handle the details for you!

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How will my material be transported?

Southern Waste also customizes this aspect of your recycling program. For the majority of our clients, we arrange to have a full 53′ dry van pick up your material and transport it to the mill for recycling. If you have a trucking company that you utilize and would like to use them, we can arrange that as well. If your facility requires a trailer spotted on your lot to store your material in while you accumulate a full truckload, we will arrange that! Every client is unique and their logistics needs will be unique. We strive to make sure that each client’s needs are met based on their unique needs!


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What about equipment?

Your company’s equipment needs will greatly depend on what recyclable material you are generating. We understand that if your facility doesn’t have the necessary equipment, you may not be able to maximize the revenue from your recyclables. With that in mind, Southern Waste Paper Company also will purchase equipment for our customers! We will purchase the needed equipment for you and then apply the value of your shipped recyclable material to the cost of the equipment. In the end, you own the equipment without having to pay a dime for it! From banding choppers to balers, we will be able to get you what you need in order to make your recycling program the most profitable! We also provide baling wire to our clients at wholesale pricing! We can provide everything you need to make your program work!


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Why recycle?

The answer is simple. Why pay for trash hauling services and land fill fees when you can get paid for your recyclable materials and also helping the environment?  When we opened our doors over 30 years ago, this was a question we were often asked. In today’s business climate, everyone is aware of the benefits of recycling. We have found that the main reason some businesses are not recycling is they didn’t know they had recyclable material. Give us a call to make sure you aren’t throwing money into the landfill! Contact Us Now!

Lets Get Started

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As a family owned and operated business for over thirty years, Southern Waste will show you what true dedication to customer service can be! We will handle all the details in creating and operating your recycling program. Just call us or send us an email, and we will take it from there! Contact us now!


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